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Body Repair

shopXclusive Collision Service Center always uses the best materials and all repairs are done to factory specifications. Don’t be fooled by the “lowest estimate.” There is a big difference in body shops. A low bid could reflect an incomplete job. When some items (like alignment) are overlooked on a repair, the consequences to the driver can be serious. A bad cosmetic repair will instantly lower the resale value of your vehicle. When you’ve been involved in a collision, you need to find a body shop that is reliable (a shop that you can trust to repair your vehicle quickly and properly) a shop that can back-up the work that will be done to your car. That shop should be Xclusive Collision Service Center.


paint-sprayer-smallerXclusive Collision Service Center guarantees color match and gloss with our computerized mixing system and 2 downdraft spray/bake paint booths. This equipment and technology allows us to perform our paint process in a controlled environment resulting in a high quality finish.

We use PPG Industries Automotive Finishes® and 3M, both worldwide leaders in refinishing products to guarantee your satisfaction. All of our repairs are guaranteed with our comprehensive warranty.

The Best Processes

Xclusive Collision Service Center technicians use the best materials including the best adhesives for windshield installations. The choice of adhesive is a critical element in the quality and safety of a windshield installation. Using the most advanced materials improves the quality of the installation as well as your safety and convenience. You can count on Xclusive Collision Service Center to provide the safest service possible.

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